Rhelma and Barry Kenny

From the Editor – Thank You

Thank You This edition sadly is the last edition where Barry Kenny has provided our History article. Barry advised me this week that he is unable to continue the column due to family commitments, which is completely understandable. I wanted to acknowledge the contribution he has made to the Bulletin […]


A Time to Reset

Well, COVID finally paid our household a visit. Talking to friends and family I feel like we were one of the last ones to get it.  When I say ‘get it’, at this point I have had two negative RATs, so maybe I don’t have it, maybe the symptoms are […]

Nicholas Andrew

The secret to living past 100

Nicholas Andrew’s neighbours reckon if he planted a tree in his concrete driveway it would flourish. That is how much of a green thumb he is. Nicholas, who is 100 years old, has transformed just about every inch of soil on his town block in Beaudesert country suburbia into a […]