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The Beaudesert Bulletin was born in response to a need from the local community. The first edition was released on 17 July 2020 and it was quickly embraced by residents as a reliable source of local news.

We are committed to keeping local news free, but we also see the need for increased coverage local news, sport and events in Beaudesert and the surrounding areas. 

We don’t believe access to information should be dependent on someone’s ability to pay a subscription, with is why we decided on a donation-style platform.   Like our newspaper, the website will continue to be free, however there is the option to join the Beaudesert Bulletin Club and make a donation if you choose to do so.

Club memberships can be made as a one-off, on a regular monthly or annual basis – you choose the amount and the frequency.  These funds will go towards employing more local journalists so we can give you more local news.

Club members will also receive selected gifts and invitations to events during the year.

Whether you are a regular reader, an advertiser or one of our supporters, we thank you for your support.