Brayford's shops in Beaudesert

Beaudesert township

THE town of Beaudesert began as a ‘private town’ with the auction of town allotments subdivided from Beaudesert Station. The honour of being the first person to commence a business in town has been given to either Jeremiah Dunn or Thomas Brayford, depending on the writer. Jeremiah Dunn was a […]

No supermarkets then

History – No supermarkets then

By Beaudesert Historical Museum We have all seen the stressed hordes of people flocking to supermarkets when god forbid it will be shut for a day, and these humans cannot get what they want, when they want it . They load their trolleys to the brim like there will never […]

Saturday night at the trucking yards

Saturday night at the trucking yards

Some blokes were at the pub, some with their partners at the local dances, but for a few truck drivers it was ‘Saturday night at the trucking yards’. The clanging of the rail line points and the roar of the locomotive’s engines, signaled the arrival of the first train for […]


History – Townsvale

TOWNSVALE, a once thriving town that is now a distant memory, could well have become the hub of the Beaudesert district.  The American Civil War (1861-1865) resulted in a world-wide shortage of cotton.  Master Mariner, Captain Robert Towns was the first to respond to calls from the Queensland Government for […]

Moloney family outside their home at Bromelton

History – The lonely lemon tree

On Sandy Creek Road just outside Beaudesert, grows a lonely Bush Lemon Tree. The tree was planted by Mr Moloney as part of his orchard to feed his growing family in the very early 1900s. Along with other trees planted near to the cottage the family had built, this tree […]

Early map from post office book

Beaudesert – the Beginning.

The Beaudesert Run was first taken up by Edward Hawkins on behalf of Henry Souter of Bathurst. Hawkins arrived in the district in 1842 with a mob of 10,000 sheep, naming the selection Beau Desir, after a property he had worked on near Bathurst. By 1844 Beau Desire was carrying 1,200 Cattle […]

Mrs Colgans Log

The Colgans

At the end of Lupton Road on the Logan River lies an old rotten log across the stream. Having endured many floods, this log dates back to an incident in 1875 and an attempt to save the life of a wife and mother, Ann Colgan. The Colgan family had arrived […]

Joseph Pascoe

Joseph Henry Pascoe, Part 2

Thank you to our readers who responded to our call for information regarding Trooper Joseph Pascoe who drowned at Illbogan Lagoon at a picnic which we now know took place on New Year’s Day 1919.  In a strange coincidence, a recent visitor to the Museum requested information regarding the Pascoe […]

Kerry Memorial Hall Secretary Mary Rohan with the hall when it was first built

Community formed by the light of Paddys Lantern

By Maxwell Harris & a story by  the Late Brian Ward Invitations were sent out and decorations hung for a Grand ball in 1904, to be held at the Dempseys Hall.  These balls were the big social gatherings for Kerry but they were not held in actual halls. This was the dignified […]

Constable George Doyle and Albert Dahlke. Photo courtesy of State Library of Queensland

Dahlke and Doyle

Who has seen the graves of Albert Dahlke and Constable George Doyle in the Tamrookum Churchyard and not wondered who they are and why they should have been buried in a single grave?  Albert Christian Dahlke came to Beaudesert as an assistant to the pastor of the Church of England.  It […]