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Keer Moriarty.
Keer Moriarty.

Give a little dignity

Some things hit hard.

In this job, despite trying to be fairly positive in the majority of our news stories as well as in my own head, there are some I just can’t get past.

Sam Newsham rang me to say Zonta have set up a collection point at Beaudesert State High School for their dignity bags.

Dignity bags are bags set up with some basic hygiene products – tampons, pads, shampoo, soap and so on and are given out to people in need.

The bags at the high school will be given to students.

While this is a great idea, it also makes me a little sad.

This no doubt comes from a place of privilege, but I can’t imagine sending my girls to school without those basics (having said that I did once forget to pack their lunch and received a very embarrassing phone call from the primary school).

Thinking about children in our community who may be going without these things is very sad and I really have to commend Zonta for seeing this need and stepping up to do something about it.

We never know what someone’s situation is, but where we can help out we should, especially with regard to the well-being of children and young people in our town.

If your are able to give a little, please do, it might just make a big difference to someone who really needs the help.

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