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Keer Moriarty.
Keer Moriarty.

Time is flying

It has been seriously busy over the last month.

I don’t know where the time has gone but I feel like the older I get, the faster time goes.

In fact, my grandfather used to say something similar, but at the time he was well into his seventies and used to nap a lot.

I mean at least three naps a day at that stage, and he used to wonder why the days went by so quickly.

But I digress, I definitely haven’t been napping.

The thing is, when you have a bit on, it is easy to forget things.

I’m old school.  I still have a paper diary … I know … ancient times, but I find I remember things better if I write them down.

Juggling everything can be a bit tricky and I feel like we are heading on the roller coaster into the silly season a lot faster than I’d like.

For those who still have children at school, you’ll be heading into the school holidays by the time this paper comes out.

The September/October holidays are always a bit weird – not quite Christmas, not winter, just in between.

I think it is the time that everyone needs a bit of a break.  This year has seemed a bit overwhelming in many ways – a lot of people have experienced very big life events and our community is no exception.

There will be people looking towards Christmas and the end of the year with excitement and others with trepidation.

Whatever the last few months of the year holds for you, embrace the people who matter to you.

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