What Susie Saw

What Susie Saw

This picture of our lazy and sassy cat, LeChat, comes to you from Covid isolation. She’s an indoor cat and has the run of the house, so isolation comes pretty naturally to her. But when […]

Tim Andrews has a strong work ethic and enjoys giving back to his community.
Personality Profile

Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews loves nothing more than to plan and host a good dinner party, and Christmas with 25 immediate family members is no exception. […]


What Susie Saw

Here’s a clear sky and a familiar scene on a recent early morning walk around town. It was still pretty soggy underfoot that day, but after a fair bit of rain it’s always good to […]

Ian Duff
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Ian Duff

When the Tancred’s meat workers went on strike, Ian Duff and his mates thought they’d make a motza picking pears in Cobram. They earned about $10 their first day, which did little to cover the […]

Kerrie and John Britten with sidekick, Ciccio.
People and their Pets

Kerrie, John and Ciccio

Kerrie and John Britten adore their furry sidekick, Ciccio. The 12-year-old spaniel King Charles cross has been part of their family for 11 years and has been all over Australia with them. He zooms along […]

Amanda Hay.
Council Watch

Council Watch with Amanda Hay – 15 July

Brickbat Cr West has expressed disappointment that four of her fellow Councillors (all male) overruled the sentiment of gender equity equality by failing to vote for her to fill the final spot on the CEO […]

Lettuce is easy to grow and a great investment!
Grow Your Own


We grow lettuce 12 months of the year here at Tullamore Farm.  Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables we grow.  It is ideal for everyone to be growing and those with limited space, like […]