A Time to Reset

Cheddar the corgi was happy to have Keer home. Photo: Katherine O'Brien.

Well, COVID finally paid our household a visit.

Talking to friends and family I feel like we were one of the last ones to get it.  When I say ‘get it’, at this point I have had two negative RATs, so maybe I don’t have it, maybe the symptoms are all in my head (I am a bit of a hypochondriac after all).

However, another household member tested positive, but due to a string of events, I ended up quarantining at home, alone.

Even in the midst of COVID restrictions, I was able to more or less go to work so having this quarantine was a bit of a novelty, although not one I was particularly looking forward to.

Now, I wouldn’t like to say that I don’t like my own company, but I do like to have contact with other people.  A lot of contact.  Most of the time.  Constantly.

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I don’t like being on my own.  And I was very worried about how I’d go with a week of no one to talk to but myself (I’m being dramatic – it’s not like the phone wasn’t working).

Well, turns out that being a crazy cat lady has it’s upside, as does having dogs.

Turns out toilet training your puppy is a lot easier when you are home, by the way (hooray).

The four legged friends and I got along just fine  and although I kept working from home, I didn’t really feel lonely, or when I did I went and had a good chat to the Corgi, who thought it was great that he had free run of the inside and outside of the house for a week while I was home.

I didn’t madly garden, as I didn’t really feel up to it, but I did bits and pieces of work, watched a full season of some series on ABC iView and took enough Vitamin C and cold tablets to put any pharmacy into profit mode (big thanks to friends who dropped things on the verandah for me).

Almost everyone I speak to has a story about when they had COVID, a lot of them stemming from New Year’s Eve parties, and I think this will be more and more the case as COVID becomes part of our cold and flu season.

It has been a weird part of our history, this pandemic, akin to the Spanish Flu, the Black Plague and other similar events, dating back over 5,000 years.

I’m quietly confident that by the time you read this I will be recovered and out of quarantine.  As an added bonus I’m quite content with my own company now, provided there are a few four legged friends around.

The animals might miss me when I’m allowed back out, or they might be relieved!  In any case, it has been a good opportunity for me to reset.

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