Carol O’Sullivan with a mandarin tree.
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Growing mandarins in the Beaudesert region can be pretty rewarding with our local area offering the warm temperatures and the rainfall that mandarins need to thrive.  Several mandarin varieties perform well locally.  Imperial is a popular early-season variety known for its easy-to-peel skin and sweet flavor. Emperor produces larger fruit […]

Carol O’Sullivan with the Tullamore chooks.
Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Chookies

It has been a little while since I wrote a column about all the advantages of having chickens.   If you would like to be a bit more self –sustainable, simply add at least two or three laying chickens to your back yard is just a winner all round. You […]

Bill and his wife Carol love mulberries.
Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Mulberry trees

I grew up in an outer suburb of Ipswich where many homes had a chook pen with a Mulberry tree. The chooks provided fertiliser and the tree dropped plenty of excess fruit as payment. One of the fruit trees in our chook pen here is a Mulberry.   My wife […]

A no dig garden at Tullamore Farm
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No dig gardening

No dig gardening is an approach to growing that has gained popularity due to its numerous benefits. This method, also known as no-till or lasagna gardening, involves creating and maintaining a garden without disturbing the soil with no digging. Instead, layers of organic materials are added on top of the […]

Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Peas

We have always grown peas and beans here with our favorite being snow peas.   Our local climate offers excellent conditions for growing both. Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil and ensure that the area receives at least six hours of sunlight daily. Prior to planting, prepare the soil […]

Bill O'Sullivan
Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Pepinos

HAVE you tried pepinos?  Pepinos are also known as melon pears or sweet cucumbers. They are one of our favourite small fruiting shrubs. They have very attractive small purple flowers which our native bees are drawn to. When the fruit starts to ripen, it will take on a yellowy tinge and will […]

Big numbers Persimmons
Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Persimmons

We have five of the most amazing persimmon trees here at Tullamore Farm.  We first experienced persimmon on a holiday to New Zealand about 20 years ago and have loved them ever since.  We have enjoyed introducing many others to the delight of this fruit when they visit for our farm […]

Bill O’Sullivan
Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Brassicas

With the start of Autumn we are now beginning to plant all of our winter crops.   Starting about the second week of March – cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale and silverbeet seedlings (known as brassicas) plus onions, garlic and potatoes are planted.  We will stagger our plantings out over about a […]

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Grow your own – Figs

One of our favourite trees here at Tullamore Farm are figs.  We grow two varieties – Brown Turkey and Black Genoa and both do well in our local climate.  Most people have had little to do with fresh figs and the only experience for many is purchasing them heavily preserved […]

Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Pineapples

Pineapples – what an easy addition to your garden. Ideally suited to our local climate and so easy to get them started.  They don’t require excessive watering and overwatering can lead to root rot.  Rainwater typically suffices for most of the year, but you may need to provide additional watering during drier […]