Lettuce is easy to grow and a great investment!
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We grow lettuce 12 months of the year here at Tullamore Farm.  Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables we grow.  It is ideal for everyone to be growing and those with limited space, like perhaps a unit, townhouse or duplex, can grow lettuce in pots or other movable garden […]

Panama Berry tree
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Panama berry tree

One of our most popular trees here at Tullamore Farm is the Panama Berry and we have them planted all around the property.  They are amazing in that they grow so quickly and fruit at about 18 months of age.  Once established they can fruit for eight or nine months […]

Broccoli in a no dig garden bed
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It is not too late to plant out Brassicas which include cauliflower, kale, cabbage and broccoli.   However,  you need to get them  planted ASAP  as the growing  window is closing quickly.  We already have nearly all of ours planted having started back in March.  We are just starting to […]

Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own – Comfrey

We don’t just grow fruit and vegetables here at Tullamore Farm.  We also grow a lot of support plants that are sacrificed to be used as mulch and for compost like Arrowroot, Pigeon Pea, Cassava,  Bana Grass and others.  One of our favourites though is Comfrey. It is a very […]

For a minimal outlay pawpaw are very productive and yield quickly.
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Grow Your Own: Pawpaw

Why don’t more of us grow our own pawpaw?   We had a wonderful crop of red pawpaw here this year.  We find that they are producing good quality and quantity within two years of planting.  That really makes you feel good about growing your own fruit and vegetables when […]

This avocado tree is seven years old
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Grow Your Own: Avocados

We have six avocado trees here at Tullamore Farm and we are having a bumper crop this year. People are sometimes a little reluctant to grow them because they can get quite large and they can attract the wildlife. Consider your options, minimise the risks and perhaps you will be enjoying […]

Now is the time for winter crops such as brassicas.
Grow Your Own

Grown Your Own

Summer is over and we are now planting out all our winter crops – potatoes, onions and garlic plus all the brassicas.  We grow such a wide variety of fruit and vegetables that I spend a lot of time on the computer researching and improving my growing skills.  I particularly […]