Wendy and Sha. Photo by Susie Cunningham.
People and their Pets

Wendy and Sha

Wendy Lohmann affectionately describes Sha the cat as a ‘typical moody ragdoll’. Sha has been part of Wendy’s family since she was a kitten. […]

Lukah and Parley.
People and their Pets

Lukah and Parley

Lukah Williams is Parley the cat’s person, and Parley is like Lukah’s baby. Parley came into Lukah’s life in July 2021 as a rescue kitten. […]

People and their Pets

Lisè and Tazzie

Tazzie the kelpie cross has nine beds – two in the loungeroom, one in the office, toilet, bathroom, bedroom and verandah and one in each car. […]