Poncho and Nada
People and their Pets

People and their pets

Poncho the two-year-old miniature dachshund has been Nada Mallinson’s four-legged companion since 2022. Poncho was made for the camera as she starred in her own Instagram debut on March 28, 2022, with pictures of her flooding Nada’s personal account. “We like to call her cute, chocolate and tan,” Nada said.

Katie Wakeman
People and their Pets

People and their pets – Katie and the fish

Azy and the Mollies are a school of fish adopted by Katie Wakeman back on August 12, 2023.  The school includes Angelfish Azy, Catfish Karma, Balloon Mollies R-2, Ozzy and Pebble, and Common Mollies Ghoul, Jaws and Otto.  The eight fish love chasing the filter bubbles and emerging from the shadows.  […]

Kate Wall and Hewy
People and their Pets

People and their Pets

Hewy the retired Thoroughbred is living his best life in his forever home with Kate Wall. At 14 years young, the beautiful grey is loving learning dressage, mustering, and hacking. Kate says Hewy’s favourite foods are apples and liquorice and he enjoys getting to know the various farm animals.

Kaiah and Poppi
People and their Pets

People and their Pets – Kaiah and Poppi

POPPI the puppy is a gentle giant with a personality to match. At 16 weeks of age, the Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) already weighed in at 20 kilograms and she was expected to grow to more than 60 kilograms. Poppi fills the home of Kaiah Biggs, 10, and his […]

Lisa Frampton and Amber the Kelpie
People and their Pets

Lisa and Amber

Amber the three-year-old kelpie cross is one of the happiest dogs you’ll see around town. Lisa Frampton got Amber as a pup, and she has brought joy to her life ever since. Lisa jokes that Amber was an immaculate conception because they don’t know who her dad is. But what […]

Terry and Bella
People and their Pets

People and their Pets

TERRY Holland reckons Bella the 13-year-old Belgian Shepherd Cross is almost the perfect dog, but he’s quick to say, ‘don’t let her know that’. Terry adopted Bella from a rescue shelter when she was about one and a half years old, and the rest is history. He says she was […]

Damien and Cameron Moxey with Penny the dog
People and their Pets

People and their Pets- Penny and the Moxeys

Penny the black and tan shorthair dachshund cross Maltese was a beautiful accident after a pair of dogs didn’t stick to breeding with their own kind.  Penny, who is about one and a half, has been part of the Moxey household with Damien, Lauren and their three sons Mitchell, 10, […]

Indy and Ben
People and their Pets

People and their pets – Indy and Ben

Indy Gilmore loves that her six year old Welsh Pony, Ben, runs up to her as soon as he sees her coming to the paddock. They have been busy doing cross country jumping, tetrathalons, show jumping and dressage competitions and competing at Beaudesert Show.   Indy said, “Ben is very in […]

Tim and Anthea Walker with Baxter
People and their Pets

People and their pets – Tim, Anthea and Baxter

Tim and Anthea Walker’s Cavoodle, Baxter, is a much loved part of their family, to the point where Tim’s father Rod affectionately calls him ‘my granddog’. Baxter loves swimming and playing with Tim and Anthea’s cats, one of whom is Baxter’s best friend. He also loves going to work at […]

Jessi Groom and Holly Supplied
People and their Pets

People and their Pets- Holly Safari Groom

Holly Safari Groom is a two-year-old Cavoodle who loves to do tricks, especially when there are treats involved. Holly was the surprise at the end of a treasure hunt for Dani and Jessi, a Christmas gift from their parents. With a super sweet personality, Holly has been a much loved […]