Liz Avery. Photo by Susie Cunningham.
Personality Profile

Liz Avery

Liz Avery’s observant and intentional, appreciative and articulate way of being in the world spills out to those around her. […]

Robyn Kennedy. Photo by Susie Cunningham.
Personality Profile

Robyn Kennedy

Robyn Kennedy’s colourful moments are like a holiday with herself. But what sets her apart is how she spreads joy to everyone she meets. […]

James Parer. Photo by Susie Cunningham.
Personality Profile

James Parer

Chef and restaurateur James Parer is as comfortable in the kitchen as he is having a chat with pretty much anyone about pretty much anything. […]

Dave Cockburn.
Personality Profile

Dave Cockburn

Dave Cockburn’s first job, when he was about 10, was picking up bottles after the Tamrookum Hall dances with his little brother Shane. […]

Jacob Currie.
Personality Profile

Jacob Currie

Jacob Currie expresses a lot of his creativity through his work as an automotive photographer, combining his love of cars and photography. […]

Jenni McConnell.
Personality Profile

Jenni McConnell

Jenni McConnell’s home in Beaudesert is like an ode to her grandparents, who came by ship from Finland to Australia when her mother was two. […]