Blake Iafeta.
Personality Profile

Blake Iafeta – A pathway to success

From a rough start to a concrete career, Blake Iafeta knows how to make a name for himself.  Growing up in semi-rural Woodhill, Blake was always a city boy at heart and felt he belonged in the world of politics. His struggle with the lack of infrastructure in regional areas […]

Carrie-Ann Wilson
Personality Profile

Carrie-Ann Wilson – A Digital Dreamer 

Carrie-Ann Wilson is a woman of many talents, one of them being her ability to juggle many things at once.  She is a mother, a business owner, and a PhD candidate. She has certainly kept up with the times, that being the technological times.  Carrie’s love for technology and design […]

Michelle Fogarty.
Personality Profile

Aunty Michelle Fogarty – Family is everything

The walls of Aunty Michelle Fogarty’s house tell the story of a woman who lives for her family. There are photos of her kids and grandkids, of course, but there are also photos of cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews. Her favourite time of year is Christmas with family at the […]

Ray Edwards.
Personality Profile

Ray Edwards – Generational Honour

Ray Edwards is a man with stories to tell. Many would know him around town as he is a great believer of preserving Beaudesert’s regional heritage. He moved to Beaudesert after his uncle and aunt Ken and Beryl Hooper bought a dairy farm in Veresdale during the early 1970s. But […]

Sharlyn O'Leary.
Personality Profile

Sharlyn O’Leary – A life shaped by kindness

Seeing her kids run around outside, sharing what they have with others and thriving in their own way is what brings Sharlyn O’Leary joy. This town is a far cry from the small mission area of Koebule (known as KB Mission) in Milne Bay Province Papua New Guinea, where Sharlyn […]

Ray Weber with Dick Moloney.
Personality Profile

A lucky man

Ray Weber considers himself to be a lucky man. Diagnosed with cancer in 2021, he was given six months to live. “It was during covid and it was not a good time to get sick,” Ray said. Ray sold his property, closed his earthmoving business down and gave his beloved […]

Peter Eggenhuizen.
Personality Profile

Peter Eggenhuizen and the need to persist.

The secret to success is one of life’s great mysteries, though for local real estate agent Peter Eggenhuizen, hard work and persistence is the answer. Owner and founder of Platinum Edge Properties, Peter says his career has taken him on quite the journey. “I don’t need to be in the […]

Pamela Cook
Personality Profile

Personality Profile: Pamela Cook – Pamela’s Faith for the Future 

If you recognise Pamela Cook roaming the streets of Beaudesert, then you would probably know her as the lady with the red streaks.  Well, that lady has a story to tell. From a tough adolescence of stealing cars and breaking into stores at just the age of twelve, her dysfunctional upbringing […]

Jane Kruger
Personality Profile

Music led Jane to Beaudesert

JANE Kruger’s mum tells a story of the year ‘Play School Meets the Orchestra’ came out on VHS and Jane screamed for it every time the ad came on television. The year was 1992 and little Jane received that VHS for Christmas. Jane is now 34 years old with a […]

Charles boyle

Three ads changed his life

THE MAJOR chapters in Charles Boyle’s life can be put down to him reading three separate print advertisements. The journey of the 53 year old Beaudesert hairdresser from Glasgow features many crossroads, but the big turns in his trek all came down to notices businesses had placed in publications. The […]