From the Editor – Thank You

Rhelma and Barry Kenny
Rhelma and Barry Kenny

Thank You

This edition sadly is the last edition where Barry Kenny has provided our History article.

Barry advised me this week that he is unable to continue the column due to family commitments, which is completely understandable.

I wanted to acknowledge the contribution he has made to the Bulletin since our third edition of 14 August 2020 when he provided a piece about the Beaudesert Rifle Range, including a poem he wrote.

I don’t think he has missed an edition since.  His columns have included information about all kinds of people and places around Beaudesert from the Stinson Wreck and the O’Reilly family to the current series on the Burgess family.

Barry has been a regular contributor to the Beaudesert Bulletin and is one of those rare people who never needed a reminder, nothing is too much trouble and was always a very humble and kind person to deal with.

I will definitely miss the fortnightly emails with Barry’s carefully researched column and photographs and I am very grateful for the effort he put in to the columns.

I believe the history of any community is incredibly important and I also feel it is important to have contributions from members of our community in our paper – whether they are news tips or columns.

This is what makes it a true community based newspaper, which is what I love about what we do.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading Barry’s articles.  I would also like to thank the Beaudesert Historical Museum and the Rathdowney Museum and Visitor Information Centre for assisting Barry with research materials and photos for his articles.

The Beaudesert Historical Museum has offered to continue the history column and I look forward to introducing you to our new columnist next edition.

Thank you, Barry for your wonderful contributions, it is greatly appreciated.

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