Helen St drain infrastructure
What Susie Saw

What Susie Saw – Helen Street drains

Here’s a glorious sky over the culvert collection on Helen Street the other morning.  It sounds like a giant frog hotel on muggy mornings.  We walk past it every day, and sometimes I remember those culverts are destined for greater things, like fixing the town’s drainage.  No offence to the frogs.

What Susie Saw crepe myrtle
What Susie Saw

What Susie Saw

Isn’t it great when we discover the beauty that’s been under our own noses all along? This collection of crepe myrtles behind the Council library in Jubilee Park grabbed my attention the other day. I walk past them every morning and yet it felt like I was appreciating them for […]

What Susie Saw

What Susie Saw

Here’s a cluster of zinnias standing tall at our front fence. They’ve surprised me with their hardiness, especially when we found them unscathed after that wild Christmas night storm that took down giant gumtrees and decimated power networks. Who knows what 2024 will bring, but may we all carry the […]


What Susie Saw – Special edition

Hello from the newborn baby bubble, where I’m typing this with one hand while feeding our little Rosie Hope Cunningham with the other. All week I’ve been trying to find time at the computer ‘between feeds’, but the happy reality is we’re on Rosie time now! Between Zac and me […]

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What Susie Saw – Frost

Here’s a beautiful frosty start in Beaudesert recently. When you read this, we will have just clicked over to winter but when I took this photo it was a cold morning in May. It dropped down to 1.5 degrees with a ‘feels like’ of minus 0.7 around 6am, on our […]