What Susie Saw – Special edition

Hello from the newborn baby bubble, where I’m typing this with one hand while feeding our little Rosie Hope Cunningham with the other. All week I’ve been trying to find time at the computer ‘between feeds’, but the happy reality is we’re on Rosie time now! Between Zac and me […]

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What Susie Saw – Frost

Here’s a beautiful frosty start in Beaudesert recently. When you read this, we will have just clicked over to winter but when I took this photo it was a cold morning in May. It dropped down to 1.5 degrees with a ‘feels like’ of minus 0.7 around 6am, on our […]

What Susie Saw
What Susie Saw

What Susie Saw

I must admit, you’re getting a rubbish What Susie Saw this edition. If this picture came with smell, you’d hold your nose and slam it shut. […]