Wyaralong Dam to be connected to water grid

Water Plan
Water Plan

Seqwater has released the 2023 Water Security Program outlining a 30-year strategic plan for South East Queensland water needs.

As outlined in the South East Queensland Regional Plan, population is set to grow to more than 6 million over the next 30 years.

The primary water source for Beaudesert is currently the Logan River, supported by releases from Maroon Dam.

The Water Security Program maps out how Seqwater plans to continue to provide water supply through maximising existing assets and planning for future climate-resilient water supply options.

The strategy focuses on getting the most out of the SEQ Water Grid, through connecting Wyaralong Dam to the Grid and expanding the existing Gold Coast Desalination Plant.

The Wyaralong Dam project is one of two projects under consideration for the next five to ten years.

It would involve the completion of a water treatment plant downstream from Wyaralong Dam as well as  connection to the SEQ Water Grid.

The 2023 Water Security Program says the construction of the water treatment plant downstream of Wyaralong Dam may need to be supported by the recommissioning of the Bromelton off-stream storage to maximise the amount of water which can be taken from the Logan River system.

However, Wyaralong Dam has also been earmarked for rowing and canoeing for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Seqwater will consider if operational changes are required to accommodate the Games and impacts of increased demand.”

“Demand increase is expected to rise modestly by approximately five per cent during the time that the events are held,” the report states.

Modelling by Seqwater has shown the delivery of the Wyaralong Water Treatment Plant, based on current SEQ Retailer Customers demand forecasts, are likely to be needed around 2031. 

“Water security planning will be based on this target date of around 2031, but with a state of readiness to enhance sooner.”

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