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Dylan Biggs and daughter Zylah
Dylan Biggs and daughter Zylah

BEAUDESERT boxer Dylan Biggs is humbly chipping away at his return to the sport after being sidelined for six weeks with a hand injury.

He broke the second and third metacarpal in his left hand in a training injury five weeks before he lost his Super Welterweight title to Nikita Tszyu on November 22.

Biggs, the youngest Australian to hold the title, saw the loss as a lesson and vowed to make a statement comeback.

Break makes Biggs stronger

DYLAN Biggs can still only punch with his right hand but, after taking his biggest hiatus from boxing since he started 12 years ago, he’s just happy to be back training.

Biggs, 22, got back to the grind with Beaudesert Boxing Club coach Justin O’Leary on the first Thursday of 2024 as he continues to heal from a training injury.

A visit to his specialist at Brisbane Private Hospital on January 11 confirmed his left hand, which he hurt in October 2023, is healing well but will still be in a splint for a while.

The Beaudesert Bulletin caught up with the former Australian Super Welterweight Champion on his morning run around town.

Biggs said taking a break from boxing had been tough.

“It’s my outlet from pretty much everything. I’m not a very emotional person. I don’t swear, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. Someone wrote that I don’t eat lollies and that’s not true, but I’m pretty straight down the line,” he said.

“The physical and mental outlet of boxing has been a big thing for me since I was a kid.”

It hasn’t all been bad, however.

Biggs made the most of the break by going for a family holiday with his fiancé Unique and their baby Zylah.

“The sport takes a lot away from you, whether it’s time or just physically, so it was good to bring myself back to my family rather than always being in training,” he said.

“I’m working on what I can and bettering my weakness, which was my right hand, so this time is helping a lot with that considering I’m only able to throw my right hand. It’s not all cons, and the hand injury has helped me in boxing a lot.”

With no fight on the horizon, Biggs is focused on staying positive and training hard.

“I have to work with what I have and be happy with it and build from where I’m at now to get myself as fit and in the best shape I can so by the time my hand is healed I can push my fitness a lot further than if I started from ground zero,” he said.

“There have been breaks between fights before but there’s a big question mark on how long I have to wait whereas beforehand I could basically have had a fight when I wanted to.”

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