Lively and independent at 99 plus one

Edna Myra Schloss
Edna Myra Schloss

At 100 years young, Edna Myra Schloss could easily pass for someone in their eighties.

Lively and independent, Edna still gets up at 4am every morning, makes her bed, opens the curtains and gets herself ready for the day.

A resident at Whiddon Star since February this year, she enjoys listening to music and spending time with her children, who visit her regularly.

Edna was born in Kingaroy to Timothy and Amelia Ryan.  She had four sisters and one brother.

She attended Memerambi State School up to Year 7, a five mile ride on her push bike each day.

She was a daredevil as a child, teaching herself to do tricks on her bike.

She also helped to milk the cows on her father’s and uncle’s dairy farms.  Back then hand milking was the only option and it was very hard work.

At the age of 21 she married William Fredrick Schloss and they spent many years dairy farming themselves.

William and Edna had 12 children:  Judith (deceased), Lindsay, Robert, John, Jennifer, Gary, Trevor, Selwyn (deceased), Dean, Joy, Bernie and Brendon.

They moved to Beaudesert  for a better climate for their twins who had some health problems.  They settled in Kerry in 1966 and later moved to Beaudesert township.

William worked at Tancred’s Meatworks and all of their children worked there at some stage.

She remembers her time raising their children fondly, saying the older ones helped to raise their younger siblings. 

The idea of turning 100 isn’t appealing to Edna.

“Who wants to be 100?” she said, “I don’t want to be 100 years, I want 99 plus one,” she laughed.

The secret to her long life is never smoking or drinking alcohol and spending a lot of time sewing, knitting and keeping active.

She had the staff at Whiddon change her bed to face east, saying it helps to keep her mind more active and she sleeps better.

Her room is decorated with bright colours and butterflies, which she loves.

With her loving family close by and active mind, Edna will be looking forward to 99 plus two.

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