Standing Against Mandate

A member of the public watches Cr Jeff McConnell speak.
A member of the public watches Cr Jeff McConnell speak.

wash on Sunday 28 November, and not because of the wet weather.

Flooding did not dampen the spirits of the 500 people who gathered for what was billed as a community consultation event, organised by the We Stand for Freedom Scenic Rim group.

They were opposing the mandate by the Queensland State Government restricting access to businesses by unvaccinated people from 17 December.

Scenic Rim Councillor for Division 2, Jeff McConnell stated that the event was not anti-vaccination, it was pro-choice.

“We are not anti-vax, if you want to get vaccinated, you go right ahead and do it.  We are pro-choice, anti-mandate,” he stated.

“I’m sticking up for the business owners.  A lot of the businesses within the Scenic Rim are family operated.

“This is about looking after the businesses and the people in the community.”

Business owners and members of the public were invited to take the microphone and speak.

Toni Cooper of VK Everydays Cafe said she and her husband Andy would not be able to work after the restrictions come in on 17 December.

Shinade Harper of Teaspoons and Aprons Cafe was concerned that her staff would be subject to abusive behaviour by customers.

Cr McConnell undertook to take a motion to Council to declare the Scenic Rim Regional Council a pro choice, anti-mandate Council.

Cr McConnell has since drafted the following motion for the next Council Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday 7 December 2021: 

“That the Council write to the Queensland State Government to communicate the following:

(a) That the Scenic Rim Regional Council declare itself a Pro Choice Council;

(b) That we are opposed to the proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate that is dividing our community and is placing severe mental and emotional hardship on our business owners, employees, residents, and members of the public.”

Several speakers urged the crowd to attend the Council meeting on 7 December, however Council meetings have been closed to the public since 2020 due to COVID regulations.

A venue for the Council meeting to allow members of the public was not able to be found due to previous bookings.

The audio of the meeting will be live streamed via Council’s web site. 

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