Beaudesert’s Youngest Firefighter

Pictured: Luka Keelo and Lieutenant Steven Ducat. Photo by Peta Miller-Rose.
Pictured: Luka Keelo and Lieutenant Steven Ducat. Photo by Peta Miller-Rose.

Luka Kello’s dreams came true the day he was made an honorary member of Beaudesert Fire Station.

The Gleneagle boy, aged 7, wasn’t expected to survive after birth after being born with a condition that restricted the growth of brain tissue.

But he continues to defy the odds, and, despite his challenges, he is a vibrant child with a love of fire trucks and firefighters.

When Beaudesert Fire and Rescue Station had a visit from Gleneagle boy Luka Kello, his smile brightened the faces of even the most seasoned firefighters.

The visit was uplifting for young Luka, his family and firefighters alike, as he spread his infectious energy and love of all things firefighting to everyone he met.

Luka, 7, was born with severe Hydrocephalus meaning the ventricles in his head were filled with fluid restricting the growth of brain tissue.

He wasn’t expected to live past birth and has multiple ongoing major organ issues but approaches life with positivity and boundless enthusiasm.

When he visited the Beaudesert station on 20 November, there was a little firefighting uniform hanging up just for him with all the full-size uniforms, and he was made an honorary member of the station.

He got to have a go of the hose and check out the trucks, and they put on a morning tea for Luka, who is mostly peg fed, of all his favourite foods including plain corn chips, vegemite sandwiches and chocolate.

Lieutenant Steven Ducat said it was an honour to open the station up to Luka.

“It was totally awesome to be able to share the experience of being a fireman with Luka as he would like to be a firefighter,” he said.

“I’ve met many children and adults throughout my career, but this young man and his family are exceptional.

“Luka has the most amazing outlook on life with a smile to match. Being able to share this opportunity within our community is great.”

Luka’s mum, Nerissa Musu, said the visit meant the world to young Luka, his brothers Xander and Cayden and she and her partner, Garry.

“We don’t know how long we’ve got Luka for, and it’s always been his dream to be a firefighter,” she said.

“We’ll be forever grateful to Steven and everyone at Beaudesert station for granting Luka his wish. Luka’s little firefighting uniform is on his bed because he wears it whenever he’s not at school, and he loves blowing the whistle so much we’re thinking of giving it back.”

Local firefighter Peta Miller-Rose said Luka charmed everyone in his path.

“He tackles all of his specialist and allied health appointments with gusto and a cheeky attitude to boot. His love of life makes anyone with him feel grateful to be alive.

“Luka is full of wonder and asks the most in depth of questions that often require some thought before answering. He is one in a million and the most beautiful of souls.”

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