Public bins are common sense

The mystery bin
The mystery bin

BEAUDESERT business representatives continuing to call for bins at the northern end of the CBD say it is simply common sense to put bins where the litter is happening.

There are no public bins on Brisbane Street north of Davidson Park despite that part of the CBD having the highest concentration of fast-food outlets plus service stations, major supermarkets, a pub, bottle shop, cafes, health, retail and office spaces and car yards.

Rubbish negates beautification

Lahey and Walker Retail Operations Manager Anthea Walker said the northern end of Beaudesert CBD needed bins as much as the southern end.

“I will say anecdotally we do have two retail-facing sites in town, Ampol Beaudesert North and the one next to Jubilee Park, and both of them are on par with each other in terms of the number of customers who are coming through on foot to buy consumables like confectionary or drinks, so it’s surprising to me that the last public bin is at Davidson Park,” she said.

“As businesses on the northern end of town we all try to keep our sites clean and give our customers places to dispose of waste on site, once that waste leaves our site, we can’t be responsible for it, unfortunately.

“We’d like to see there be multiple places in town, and I still consider us to be ‘in town’ here, for people who are walking to be able to dispose of their litter responsibly. It’s for the look and feel of the town and a lot of money is being spent beautifying the town, so if there’s rubbish it negates that completely.”

Mystery bin sets tongues wagging 

A Council bin was mysteriously chained to a Give Way sign metres from the Brisbane Street footpath on February 5, then gone again by 17 February.

The wheelie bin, which was tucked in behind a tree at the intersection of Birnam Street and Gordon Street, failed to impress business owners, who said it was in the wrong spot.

Steve Ryan from Rylec QLD, which is situated next to the trial bin, said he did not believe it was a suitable location, but it was obvious bins were needed in the northern Beaudesert CBD.

“There are heaps of cups from 7/11, Maccas, Hungry Jack’s. People grab a drink, biff (discard) it instead of carrying it home. I think they need maybe two or three bins,” he said.

“Where they put the trial bin won’t be effective if you’ve got to pretty well walk on the road to put rubbish in the bin. To me it’s common sense that you put the bins where there’s foot traffic in and out of those fast-food outlets.”

Chamber speaks out

Amid ongoing lobbying led by the Chamber of Commerce, Council told local businesses it was investigating a ‘trial placement of public bins’ at the northern entry to Beaudesert, after previously saying it would not be an efficient use of limited budget to provide extra bins.

In correspondence with a local business, a Council officer said the trial would ‘assist Council to identify any issues associated with bin placement in atypical locations such as this’.

When the mystery bin appeared, Chamber President John Powell called it a ‘token gesture’.

“I think they may have put it there in order to be able to say, ‘oh look that’s a trial and nobody used it, and we knew that would happen’,” he said.

“It can’t be a genuine effort, it’s not in the right place, it’s around the corner, who’s going to see it? I think the Council should actually take some notice of the people in the street and notice what’s happening. I don’t know why they don’t believe it’s an issue.”

Council responds

The Beaudesert Bulletin enquired with Council about the mystery bin and the trial placement of public bins. Below are the Bulletin’s questions and Council’s responses in full. 

Bulletin: I have an enquiry regarding what I understand to be a trial placement of bins at the northern entry to Beaudesert, in response to calls from the local business community. I see there is a wheelie bin temporarily chained to a Give Way sign on the corner of Gordon Street and Birnam Street. My questions are as follows: 

– How many trial bins will Council roll out at the northern entry to Beaudesert CBD?

– Where else will Council place trial bins at the northern entry to Beaudesert?

– When are the trial bins being rolled out?

– For how long will Council conduct the trial?

Council spokesperson: “Council is currently investigating a trial placement of public bins at the northern entry to Beaudesert, with anticipated commencement in the coming months. The trial will assist Council to identify any issues associated with bin placement in locations such as this. The trial period may occur over a timeframe of approximately 6 – 12 months (which may be subject to change), with locations, and a commencement date for the trial to be determined in the next few weeks.”

Bulletin: “Did Council install the SRRC wheelie bin chained to the Give Way sign on the corner of Birnam Street and Gordon Street?”

Council spokesperson: “Council’s contractor has temporarily placed a bin at this location.”  

Bulletin: “Is this bin on the corner of Birnam Street and Gordon Street part of the trial placement of public bins?”

Council spokesperson: “The bin is part of the trial however not in this location.”

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