Men’s Triples win a real family affair

Adam, Phil and Luke Jordan
Adam, Phil and Luke Jordan

Phil Jordan has teamed up with sons Adam and Luke to win the Beaudesert Bowls Club Men’s Triples. 

While Phil is an accomplished player boasting an impressive list of competition achievements, Luke has been playing for only two months. The triples final was only his third game of bowls and his first club championship title. 

It was also the first title win for Adam who has been playing for eight months. 

The Jordan trio surprised everyone with their great display of lawn bowls, downing the favourites on the day who were an established team with a lot of experience. It was the first time in the club’s history that a father and sons team have won the triples title. 

Winning the club title may have been a brand-new experience for Adam and Luke, but for Phil it represented the continuation of a winning streak that began back in 1985, two years after he had joined the club.  

Since then, he has gone on to win 55 club championships  

Prior to playing bowls, Adam and Luke had confined their sporting activities to cricket and Rugby League. 

Phil, a dual club member of Beaudesert and Musgrave Hill (Gold Coast), encouraged them to take up the game and began coaching them, and in the run up to the triples championship practised with them. 

“I taught them the fundamentals, but they really applied themselves and learned a lot through their own efforts,” he said. 

“The boys asked if they could play in a competition with their dad and so we teamed up for the triples.  

“You don’t expect a lot with new bowlers, so as novices they overachieved. It was a brilliant result and I was over the moon.” 

Are the boys about to embark on a bowls career that in time may rival that of their dad? Watch this space. 

In the meantime, Phil is off to Perth for the Over Sixties National Fours Championships as a member of the Queensland team. 

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