State Title for Charles

Charles and competitors
Charles and competitors

After winning a Queensland State Title in track cycling earlier this year, Charles Boyle returned to body building to take out a State Title in the Masters 40+. 

Charles, 53, competed at the ICN State Titles on 23 September and placed second in the Grand Masters 50+ and Masters 40+ but said he knew he would peak at the National Bodybuilding Australia State Titles a week later. 

“I still felt I was holding a little bit of fluids in my legs for the ICN competition,” he said. 

In addition to the NBA State Title, he competed for the fifth overall place in the competition, but was narrowly beaten by a younger competitor, eventually finishing sixth out of 40 bodybuilders in the competition. 

Charles returned to the gym over winter after concentrating on cycling for the past three and a half years. 

It was then it occurred to him to return to competitive bodybuilding.  

The ICN and NBA competitions were the first he has competed in after changing to a plant based lifestyle four years ago. 

“I feel like superman at the moment – I feel on top of the world,” he said. 

Charles partially credited muscle memory for his ability to regain a competitive shape so quickly. 

“As soon as you start up a regular strength training program, your muscles fill back up because the pathways are already open.” 

Training itself was not enough for Charles, who admits he is competitive by nature. 

“Anyone who knows me knows I need a challenge.” 

“I need something to do in my life and that’s why I usually do ok in sports because I’m kind of obsessive.” 

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