Kingfisher Women face their biggest challenge

Kingfisher Senior Women's Team
Kingfisher Senior Women's Team

FINISHING at the top of both your division and regional competitions should make for an easy comeback, but for Beaudesert’s Senior Women’s Rugby League team, this season will be their biggest challenge yet.

The team has attracted a number of new players, some of whom have played previously and others have transitioned from sports such as soccer.

Co-coach Keith Gee said the main job he and Co-coach Rob Brown will have is to reignite the desire and motivation to win at all costs.

“They might think they’re coming back in to have an easy few sessions but we’re going to a new level with them,” the former Queensland player said.

Team – half a dozen newcomers, a few have retired, a few said they’re going to retire and have come back.

Last season’s Co-captain Maree Blow was excited to come back for this season.

In previous years Maree has undertaken a triathalon to maintain her fitness during the off-season, but this year she spent time with family and settling into a new job.

While memories of last year’s success haven’t faded, they won’t feature in Maree’s mind at the start of this season.

 “You can’t think about last year,” she said.

“You’ve got to start fresh, because the team’s going to change dramatically.”

Kingfisher Lauren Cahill will not return due to injury, but Maree was excited to see several players who travel from New South Wales back again.

“I wasn’t expecting these girls from over the border so I’m a little bit excited to see them.”

“I thought we’d have to make up some strength in the middle without them.”

“It will be their fifth year coming over from New South Wales and we would struggle without them – with numbers and strength.”

New players will be teamed up with those who are more experienced to learn from them, but all the women are quick to form strong bonds.

“Everyone helps everyone because we want to be the strongest team we can be,” says Maree.

Keith remains determined to reignite that fire in his players.

“I’m looking forward to the season, it’s going to be challenging.  We’re up to the challenge though,” said Keith.

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