Demand strong for breast care cushions

Margaret Dennis from Zonta and Beaudesert Quilters President Robyn Vine.
Margaret Dennis from Zonta and Beaudesert Quilters President Robyn Vine.

Local volunteers are bringing comfort to people facing breast cancer, one thoughtfully made cushion at a time.

At the annual workshop to make breast cancer care cushions on 27 July, 13 helpers from Beaudesert Zonta and the Beaudesert Quilters filled the functions room at Beaudesert Arts and Information Centre with an industrious buzz.

The women happily worked away on all stages of the production line, right through to wrapping the cushions up with a heartfelt note, titled, ‘A gift from Zonta with love’.

“Our thoughts are with you, and we wish you a speedy recovery,” each note reads.

The notes describe uses for the cushion, including being tucked under the arm to support patients while they sleep, or to protect them from the pressure of a seatbelt.

Volunteers made about 130 cushions that day, and each year they donate about 200 cushions to the PA, Mater and Sunnybank Private hospital and directly to local breast care patients, through word of mouth.

Beaudesert Quilters President Robyn Vine said demand was strong as ever and urged people to get their breasts checked regularly.

“We make hundreds and they’re ringing up not even a year later needing more. So how bad is breast cancer in the community?” she said.

“It can happen at any time – you don’t have to be young or old to get it. It’s important for people to stay on top of their breast checks.”

Margie Brennan from Beaudesert Zonta, who has been helping for about 17 years, even posted some to Canada, for her daughter’s friend over there.

She said the initiative, which has been going for about 20 years in Beaudesert and with the help of the quilters for about a decade, made a difference in people’s lives.

“The lovely thing is when we get personal friends saying how much comfort the pillows give them, and I’ve had quite a few ladies tell me that,” she said.

“That’s really rewarding – that’s what we love to hear.”

Anyone keen to help with breast care cushions can phone Margie on 0417 001 369.

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