BUSINESS PROFILE – Duff’s Furniture

Ian Duff
Ian Duff

DUFF’S Furniture has been part of Beaudesert’s business community since 1993.

After many years of selling new and used furniture, antiques and collectibles, Ian Duff says he never knows what is going to turn up!

“We’ve have everything from old farm equipment that people have bought to use as garden ornaments to hand carved antique dressers and beautifully embroidered table cloths and napkins, candelabras and other high end products and other vintage decorator items.”

Ian has raised his family locally, enjoying the country town atmosphere while he had the pleasure and convenience of working close to home.

“It’s been an interesting business because as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” he said.

“The older furnishings are usually made better than the modern mass produced pieces, even if some need a little restoration.”

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