BUSINESS PROFILE – Beaudesert Natural Health

Robyn Ehmen
Robyn Ehmen

Robyn Ehmen brought her naturopathy business to the Scenic Rim in 2022 after establishing her career 10 years before. 

Beaudesert offered a tree change to enjoy the simple things in life. Becoming involved in the local community through courses offered by U3A and the library, Scenic Rim Arts shows and events has led to new friendships which Robyn nurtures through regular coffee catch ups. She has hired lots of local tradesmen for her renovations, which means meeting more locals.

Natropathy focuses on the healing power of nature and the body’s ability to heal itself. 

It includes herbal remedies produced to laboratory standards of correct identification, extraction and preparation to ensure stable active ingredients. 

The focus is on lifestyle education to rebalance personal choices to feel good again. 

Robyn provides extra services in the way of Bowen Therapy, a myo fascial release technique, women’s health and fertility, counselling, kinesiology and energy medicine (using the body’s ability to heal itself by intention).

“I like to see my patients smile when they are well again,” says Robyn.

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