Beaudesert’s first EV Charger at Beaudesert Tyre Store

Maureen Ball (second from right) with the ReGen EV team installing the charger. Image supplied.

Beaudesert’s first electric vehicle charger is ready for action, with installation finalised at Beaudesert Tyre Store.

The fast DC charger will operate on the Chargefox network, and will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Maureen Ball said there had been a year of planning prior to the installation of the machine.

“We saw the rise in electrical vehicles and changes to the tyres that were coming in for them,” said Maureen.

“Many of the major companies do an EV specific tyre – they have to be quiet, have to be able to carry the weight.”

“We thought we might need a charger in case we had a car in getting tyres that didn’t have enough charge.”

When a visitor dropped in to Beaudesert Tyre Store asking about an EV charger in town, it prompted Maureen and business partner Len Bundy to further investigate installing a charger.

“It took a bit longer because we wanted a machine that was specifically suited to our site.”

They found EV Charging Australia, a Queensland based company which offers fixed and mobile electric vehicle solutions.

“Our Fast DC charger will be able to grow with us as the community looks to transition to EVs.”

“What we love the most about this charger is that through advanced modules we will be able to offer 160KW DC charging speeds which will be perfect as we continue to see more and more EVs on the roads and in our community.” 

“We have already been offering EV tyre services and we are seeing growth of customers coming in. “

The Fast DC charger offers simultaneous charging, meaning it is smart enough to charge two vehicles at the same time so EV owners are more likely to be able to charge when they stop in.

“We will also have our charger on the Chargefox network which will greater support the national EV grid with greater accessibility to all EV owners.”

Maureen anticipates the EV charger will be available 24/7 from Thursday 10 August.

EV owners can use a credit card or ChargeFox card to use it at a rate competitive with Brisbane chargers.  

“If we can offer things that help our customers, that’s what we are all about,” said Maureen.

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