Alli sets her sights on ‘32 Olympics.

Alli Reinke
Alli Reinke

FOR most 13-year-olds dedicating themselves to a future project is no great concern, that is of course if it’s in the foreseeable future and will involve minimal work.

When the journey will involve training every week for eight years no matter the weather few young teens will bother to take it on.

Alli Reinke from Tamborine Village is no ordinary youngster and dedicating herself to make something happen in eight years holds no concerns.

Just a few weeks ago she started her long journey when she started training with a leading dressage coach on the Gold Coast.

Dressage is where wants to make her mark at the Brisbane Olympics in 2032.

Her pedigree as one of the country’s brightest young equestrian stars was enhanced just a few months ago when she won her second straight EA Hygain Australasian National Horse and Rider Championship in Sydney.

The competition pitted her against the best young riders from throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Her parents are right behind her in her pursuit to make the Australian Olympic Dressage team and have recently built a training arena at their property.

“I’m excited about knowing what I want to do in eight years’ time and I’m ready to work towards it every week,” Alli said.

Alli took up riding just four years ago and her horsemanship has been noted with ribbons and trophies at every event she has contested.

The trophy cabinet is filling up quickly, but there will always be room for the premier reward, an Olympic Gold medal. 

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