Catherine and Sandy

Catherine Drynan and Sandy. Photo: Susie Cunningham.
Catherine Drynan and Sandy. Photo: Susie Cunningham.

Sandy the cat has been part of Catherine Drynan’s life since she got him as a little kitten from the Rathdowney dump in 2006.

Here’s what Catherine has to say about Sandy.

“He has a pattern. First thing in the morning when I get up, he greets me from downstairs and has his breakfast. He sleeps most of the day, comes in about 4pm for his evening meal, sits on the couch beside me and goes to sleep watching television at night. He’s been a very good cat right from the start. He doesn’t get up on the table or pinch food. He gardens with me, comes to the clothesline and sits at my feet while I hang the washing, comes to the chook pen when I go to close it, so he’s a real little friend.”

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