People and their pets – Angus the Therapy Dog

Jillian Campbell and Angus
Jillian Campbell and Angus

Angus the therapy dog has a pretty great life at Whiddon Star Gardens in Beaudesert.

The 8-year-old black Labrador cross golden retriever gets plenty of love from all the residents of the aged care facility, where he has lived since 2016. Angus originally trained as a guide dog but, when it became clear that wasn’t his calling, he became a therapy dog instead.

He warms the residents’ hearts on his daily rounds and, each Wednesday, gets to fill his own cup with a bus trip to Iron Bark Dog Park doggy day care. Here is what resident Jillian Campbell has to say about Angus:

“I love everything about him, and everyone loves him. He’s just got that nice nature and he’d do anything for you,” she said.

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