Safety concerns over broken glass

Playgrounds were cordoned off due to broken glass in Jubilee Park
Playgrounds were cordoned off due to broken glass in Jubilee Park

Local children could not enjoy Beaudesert’s popular Jubilee Park playgrounds after smashed alcohol bottles forced the temporary closure of the area recently.

Scenic Rim Regional Council cordoned off playgrounds to clean up broken glass in Jubilee Park, where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

Morning walkers found the area full of broken alcohol bottles on 30 October and started picking up the glass because they were worried about the safety of children.

On 1 November there were another two cartons of bottles scattered and smashed throughout the playgrounds.

By 2 November, the playgrounds were cordoned off until the glass could be cleared.

The littering of smashed glass through the park came even after Council had recently installed two extra wheelie bins between the public toilets and the library.

A Council spokesperson said Jubilee Park was there to be enjoyed safely.

“Vandalism within Council’s parks and facilities impacts everyone, increasing the risk of possible injury and may lead to the closure of some facilities/infrastructure for community safety. Additionally, the costs of repair and maintenance are borne by the whole community,” they said.

“We ask that park users help to keep our playgrounds and recreation areas safe by responsibly disposing of any items that could cause injury to others.”

Division 4 Councillor Michael Enright said it was unacceptable.

“I’m extremely disappointed that some people would not treat our public space with the respect it deserves,” he said.

Local Aileen Heard was one of the people picking up the broken glass.

“It was very bad, and I was worried kids would get injured in the playground,” she said.

“There are kids with no shoes on their feet playing and if there’s broken glass in the park it’s no good – it’s dangerous.”

Senior Sergeant Ken Murray warned against drinking in the park.

“Drinking in Jubilee Park is prohibited, it is an offence, and you can be fined,” he said.

“The park is central to our town and there are a lot of children there at all times, so we like to see people enjoying themselves, behaving and not consuming alcohol.”

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