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Robin and Kylie Rodwell.
Robin and Kylie Rodwell.

Kylie and Robin Rodwell will celebrate 28 years of marriage on 27 February.

The Rodwells live in Beaudesert with their 18-year-old purebred chihuahua Zeus, who they got as a pup for their eldest son after they moved here 18 years ago.

When they first married the couple, originally from Woodridge and Kingston, bought a block of land and built at Cedar Grove before finding their forever home in Beaudesert.

Their sons Jake, 27, and Isaac, 23, are out of home now but they both still live nice and close, in Beaudesert, and catch up regularly.

Kylie and Robin are also doting grandparents to 14-month-old Lyla, daughter of Isaac and his partner Shannon.

Jake works alongside his dad in the home loan sector and Isaac works for himself as a tiler – the same trade as his dad.

Kylie, 48, and Robin, 51, keep busy with work, Kylie as a real estate agent and Robin at the helm of a local mortgage broking company, where he and Jake are both Franchise Principals.

But no matter how busy work gets, the Rodwells will always make time for family. 

The Beaudesert Bulletin caught up with Robin and Kylie to hear their thoughts on family. Here’s what they had to say:

What does family mean to you?

Robin:  Family is someone to spend time with and talk to. If someone needs help you give them help – try to help them get ahead in life.

Kylie:  And we spend as much time with them as we can when we’re not all working.

Robin:  It can get harder to find time as everyone gets a bit older and spreads their wings a bit, but we make it happen.

Kylie:  Robin and I don’t work together – that’s why we’ve been married for 28 years! 

Robin:  Working in similar industries helps a lot. We’ve always got something to talk about!

Friends can also feel like family.  A couple of friends have moved away so we go visit and give them a hand with things, or even friends here in town too. It’s always good to help people.

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