Proud parents John and Robin Powell with their son, award-winning poet Nicholas Powell
Art and Culture

Poet son returns

On his first visit back to Beaudesert since before the global pandemic, award-winning poet Nicholas Powell has spoken of the influence this place has had on his work. Nick, whose proud parents are locals John […]

Amelia Smith with Daisy the shepherd.
People and their Pets

Daisy the White Swiss Shepherd

Daisy the White Swiss Shepherd has been part of Peter and Amelia Smith’s household since she was an eight-week-old pup. The loveable dog, who turned two in February, loves long walks and playing fetch. Here’s […]

Jim and Eden Platell with Charlie, AJ and Lachlan
Becoming Family

Becoming Family: The Platells

High on a hill in Tabooba – a little-known nook near Tamrookum, south of Beaudesert – the Platell kids are making memories of an idyllic country childhood. High school sweethearts Eden and Jim Platell, 38 […]

Michael Ferguson is a stoic man who loves his family and has a cheeky sense of humour.
Personality Profile

Michael Ferguson

When Michael Ferguson was laid up with a broken back after a workplace accident, his girlfriend Jayne stuck by his side. He popped the big question on her birthday as she sat beside his bed, […]

Susie Riach and Ross Barber with their daughters Addy and Georgie.
Becoming Family

Susie, Ross and co

Susie Riach and Ross Barber treasure their little girls more than anything else in the world. Susie and Ross, both 38, are parents to Addy, 3, and Georgie, 1. They’ve built a beautiful life in […]

Olivia Jackson-Blow and her mum Cherece Jackson.
Becoming Family

Olivia and Cherece’s Family

Olivia Jackson-Blow and her mum Cherece Jackson are like two unique peas in a pod. Olivia, whose nicknames are Bug, Ladybug and Liv, is an energetic 5 year old who keeps Cherece, 27, on her […]

Robin and Kylie Rodwell.
Becoming Family

Rodwell Family

Kylie and Robin Rodwell will celebrate 28 years of marriage on 27 February. The Rodwells live in Beaudesert with their 18-year-old purebred chihuahua Zeus, who they got as a pup for their eldest son after […]