Toastmasters for Scenic Rim

Julia Schafer
Julia Schafer

By Caitlyn Larkin

Public speaking is a common fear for many, but Julia Schafer has learned to overcome the panic through Toastmasters. 

Toastmasters is an international organisation where people can improve their communication and public speaking skills. 

“Public speaking doesn’t make my heart flutter any more or make me want to run out of the room and throw up,” says Julia.

After travelling from Boyland to Nerang for Toastmasters meetings, Julia saw the need for a Scenic Rim chapter. 

She was first drawn to Toastmasters when she responded to a guest speaker position on P&O cruise lines presenting sustainability and urban gardening workshops. 

“I didn’t want this fear to hold me back, so I put my application in and after I got accepted, I was like, holy crap, I have to figure out how to do this.

“We all have the fear in us or some reason that we want to be a better speaker, so they are aware of where you are at.” 

Julia’s decision to become a part of Toastmasters has changed her life. 

“When my Mum turned 80 a couple of years ago … we had all these family and friends gathered around and I got up and gave an impromptu speech.”

“It was totally without preparation, and I was really proud of myself because I wasn’t nervous whilst doing it.”

A demonstration meeting will be held on 17 March at 7pm at Canungra Hang Gliders Clubhouse 82 Wagonwheel Road, Boyland. 

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