Resident safety is a key goal

Ken Chancellor
Ken Chancellor

SCENIC Rim Division Four council candidate Ken Chancellor will campaign for election on March 16 on a vision of fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and safe community. 

For the past twenty years he has worked as a dedicated entrepreneur, successfully navigating various professional roles that have equipped me with a diverse skill set. 

“My background includes extensive experience in real estate, property management, and office management, notably as a building manager in the vibrant Surfers Paradise,” he said.

“These roles have not only honed my leadership and organizational skills but have also allowed me to foster a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges our community faces.

“In my academic journey, I have studied criminology and criminal justice, security and counter-terrorism, demonstrating my commitment to the safety and security of our residents.”

Ken is a qualified mortgage broker who understands the complexities of financial matters that impact our community.

“A testament to my dedication to community service is my 10 years of involvement in fire training and equipment installation, ensuring that our neighborhoods are prepared for emergencies. 

“Beyond this, I have served as a Scout Group Leader for several years, fostering the growth and development of our youth.

He also offers a wealth of leadership experience from his time in the Australian Army. 

“I am eager to help build a stronger, more prosperous Division 4 in the Scenic Rim Regional Council.”

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