Nashos call it a day

Sheila and John Doyle with Phil Johns
Sheila and John Doyle with Phil Johns

BEAUDESERT Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia (Nashos) have disbanded, with members saying it is time to call it a day.

The group was established in 2003 to provide camaraderie to men who took part in National Service in the 1950s and through to the early 1970s.

The group celebrated their 20th anniversary in April last year and at one time had 146 members.

Former committee members John Doyle and Phil Johns are now 89 years of age said many of their members have passed away.

Phil said National Servicemen did three months compulsory military training before serving in the Civillian Military Forces (similar to today’s Army Reserves) for five years.

“It was compulsory, we had no choice,” said John.”

“We didn’t question it, we just did it,” Phil added.

John and Phil were 18 years old when they started National Service and were paid one pound two and eight pence per day.

“It taught you three things:  respect, loyalty and discipline,” said Phil.

“You learned how to look after yourself.”

The decision to disband is in line with what is happening throughout Australia.

“They are closing down all over Australia,” said John.

“Beaudesert has done very well for a small town.  Ipswich is also closing down this year.”

John’s wife, Sheila Doyle, said the group will keep in touch socially with morning teas held every Monday so that people can keep in touch.

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