This suitcase, made from Weet-Bix cartons by an Italian POW is on display at Beaudesert Museum.

Angelo’s Suitcase

A small suitcase made from Weet-Bix cartons is on display at the Beaudesert Museum.  It is the work of Italian prisoner-of-war Angelo, who worked as a farmhand on the Bilarabyn property of R L (Les) […]



“Bet’ya didn’t sell dynamite”. “Yes we did, sonny.” Ric Enright was telling a group of youngsters that Enright’s Store sold everything! When Irish migrant, Michael Enright opened his small general store in Beaudesert in 1884 […]

Rhelma and Barry Kenny

From the Editor – Thank You

Thank You This edition sadly is the last edition where Barry Kenny has provided our History article. Barry advised me this week that he is unable to continue the column due to family commitments, which […]