McAuley Student Leaders selected

McAuley College Student Leaders
McAuley College Student Leaders

McAuley College’s annual Mercy Day Mass celebration saw 2024 student leader roles announced.

In 2024, College Captains Jessi Groom and Rohan Watson will lead alongside Vice Captains Kye Condrick and Ciara Wright. 

Joining the Captains are Olivia Cahill and Emily Livingston (Steele House Captains), Nick Austin and Lilly Braxton (Bojaxhiu House Captains), Emmy Heit and Fionnan Nally (MacKillop House Captains) and Lola Martin and Roy O’Halloran (Frassati House Captains).  

Kieren Cahill will also be part of the leadership team as the inaugural Academic Leader.

The student leaders recited their pledge in front of the student body, staff, parents and special guests: “We, the Student Leaders of McAuley College 2024, pledge to collectively lead with integrity by upholding the Mercy values of respect, justice, and being of service.”

The process of being selected for a leadership role began with a retreat for the Year 11 cohort that focused on leadership and personal values. 

Students were invited to write a letter to Principal Mrs Deidre Young stating whether they wished to be considered for a leadership role. 

Based on these letters, interviews were performed and shortlisted candidates read a speech advocating for their candidacy in front of the Year 10, 11 and 12 cohorts, along with teachers, staff and Mrs Young.

“I want to be able to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Personally, leadership means setting a good example for those around you,” said College Captain Jessi Groom. 

“I’ll help students in any way possible, whether that looks like being a friend they can turn to, or just being a role model.” 

To Jessi, leadership is a role that she takes on to benefit others.

Vice-Captain Ciara Wright said she wanted to be a Captain to inspire others. 

“I really want to be able to lend a helping hand and empower my fellow students, to be able to guide them through high school journey and supporting them.”

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