McAuley College Confraternity Team 2023

McAuley ready for 2024 season

As the 44th annual Confraternity Shield football season approaches, McAuley College is preparing their 2024 team. Biweekly training has commenced under the guidance of David Harris, Michael Colley and Paul McClure. “Despite travails of heat and rain, our boys are already showing strong determination,” says Mr Colley. The Confraternity Shield […]

Harrison Cash, Lukah Willians, Elizabeth Fritter and Sarai Gordon

Supporting Sustainable Shopping

As an initiative to create awareness surrounding sustainability issues in the fashion industry, McAuley College held its first ‘Rummage Sale’.  This event was run by the College’s Environmental Club, led by Campus Minister, Jess O’Donoghue and teacher Zac Cunningham.  Students were invited to donate clothes they no longer wanted, which […]

McAuley College Student Leaders

McAuley Student Leaders selected

McAuley College’s annual Mercy Day Mass celebration saw 2024 student leader roles announced. In 2024, College Captains Jessi Groom and Rohan Watson will lead alongside Vice Captains Kye Condrick and Ciara Wright.  Joining the Captains are Olivia Cahill and Emily Livingston (Steele House Captains), Nick Austin and Lilly Braxton (Bojaxhiu […]

Grace Cahill

McAuley 2023 Arts Showcase

McAuley College will host its third Arts Showcase on Friday 6 October, with photography and art on display as well as a range of student performances. Enjoy an evening of creativity and inspiration, where students’ remarkable achievements will be on display. This free evening is a great chance to explore […]

Jack Winford with Tom Harper at Beaudesert Tyre Store. Photo by Harry Johnson.

Students do work experience

McAuley College grade 10 students did work experience during March 2023. 52 grade 10 students were at work experience and around 50 were at different places such as the Beaudesert Tyre Store and Beaudesert hairdressers. Grade 10 student, Jack Winford had the experience of working in a tyre shop which […]