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Jack Winford with Tom Harper at Beaudesert Tyre Store. Photo by Harry Johnson.
Jack Winford with Tom Harper at Beaudesert Tyre Store. Photo by Harry Johnson.

McAuley College grade 10 students did work experience during March 2023. 52 grade 10 students were at work experience and around 50 were at different places such as the Beaudesert Tyre Store and Beaudesert hairdressers.

Grade 10 student, Jack Winford had the experience of working in a tyre shop which he said was eventful.

“It’s pretty rough and I get really dirty and it’s really different from schoolwork,” Jack said.

The hardest part of the job for Jack was putting the nuts back on the tyres.

Jack’s favourite part of the job was cleaning the tires and putting anti seize on them. At the work experience Jack said, “I cleaned up the tyres and helped everyone put their stuff back on.”

Emily Wright

Emily Wright’s work experience was at the Head and Soul hairdressers. Emily’s experience of working at a hairdresser was that “It’s fun, you talk to people, and I’m learning new things every day,” Emily said.

Emily’s favourite part of the job was that she got to meet different types of people.

The sort of things Emily did at the hairdressers included she washing hair, she tidying up after clients and preparation for the day.

Emily said the hardest part of the job was “Trying to start conversations with people, because I’m so young compared to everyone else that usually comes in.  What does a 15-year-old have in common with a middle-aged woman?”

Harry Johnson’s work experience was at the Beaudesert Bulletin/Canungra Times, at the work experience Harry took many different types of photos and wrote a summary of it on ‘What Harry Saw’. He learned how to take many types of photos such as portrait and landscape.  He interviewed McAuley College students Jack Winford and Emily Wright, and he learned about what sorts of work they did and then took a photo of them for the online news article. Harry also worked on got featured on People and their Pets, being interviewed by Susie Cunningham, as well as taking a photo with his dog Vader.

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