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If you want to make big changes this year and need some help to do it, Jennifer Ironside has what you need so that you can let go of those ‘not enough’ thoughts.

Jennifer’s BestLife BootCamp is a 120 day journey toward living the life you want.

A certified Transformational Coach, Neuro linguistic Master Practitioner, author and speaker, Jennifer dedicates her life to empowering women to  make great choices and take action to improve their lives.

“The BestLife BootCamp is my 120 day high touch mastermind where I teach all the pieces of creating your best life,” says Jennifer.

“It is a container of personal growth, spirituality, creativity, and establishing your personal power on this bold and beautiful journey to live in fulfillment every day!”

The course has been designed with the every day woman in mind.

Together participants will experience:

  • Belief shifts
  • Emotional change
  • Speaking truth
  • Transformed thinking

Jennifer says life isn’t about surviving, it is about being able to thrive.

“I know how amazing life really can be, I want to help people to discover and achieve their dreams.”

“My mission is to give participants the tools and inspiration they need to create their best life vision.”

“I am so thrilled to share this incredible transformational journey with you!”

Book in for your FREE Discovery Chat. Enrolment closes soon for a February start.

For bookings and more information contact Jennifer Ironside on 0447 444 482 or like her Facebook page.

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