Historic school building preserved

Rachel Tucker, Traceyann Bridgen, Rob McDougal, Mary McDougall, Cheryl Ardrey and Brian Nutley
Rachel Tucker, Traceyann Bridgen, Rob McDougal, Mary McDougall, Cheryl Ardrey and Brian Nutley

A combination of community pressure and advocacy was behind the preservation of a 124 year old building, according to supporters of the Veresdale Scrub State School building.

Cheryl Ardrey thanked supporters of the school building, including State Member for Scenic Rim Jon Krause, local media and Julie Wilkinson, who organised a petition to keep the building.

“We are grinning from ear to ear because it is our dream to be able to save this historic school build-ing,” said Cheryl.

“The Education Department did come and realise just how much it means to our little rural community.”

The building, which dates back to the opening of the school in 1899, was found to be in need of significant work and several options were presented as part of a community consultation process conducted last year.

Rob McDougall, who attended the school, said he wrote to the Education Minister when he heard the building was under threat.

“I said in my letter, rural areas are not like city suburbs,” he stated.

“We are all connected regardless of whether it is Tamborine, Tamrookum, Laravale … wherever.”

“Some of those plac-es have lost their little schools because people didn’t know what was going on until it was too late.”

“Fortunately with this one we found out in time and asked the right ques-tions.”

A Department of Education spokesperson said the Department has listened to the community.

“We are in the early stages of developing a proposed design and site plan based on the possibility of restoring Block A by rectifying the structural issues while also building a new, fit-for-purpose administration facility.”

Cheryl said the people advocating to keep the historic building also want the best for current staff and students.

“We were always in favour of the teachers having the best facilities they can get, we just didn’t think it should be at the expense of this building.”

Veresdale Scrub State School will celebrate its 125th anniversary in April 202

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