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CoffeeNChats attracts women from around Beaudesert for friendship and fun.
CoffeeNChats attracts women from around Beaudesert for friendship and fun.

Jennifer Ironside loves to connect people.  Naturally vivacious, she says she has met so many women who yearn for genuine connection.

“I know how good it feels to be with people who lift you up,” she said, “Without community, we cannot thrive. We need supportive, positive women in our lives.”

“As women, we can fix everything from the pantry cupboard to Parliament House, but it’s way easier and more joyful when we have other women in our corner.”

Jennifer has created an opportunity for local women to connect. 

Connections CCoffeeNChats meet-ups are held every Wednesday from  9.30am at VK Everyday’s Cafe and everyone is welcome to come along.

The group is very friendly and welcoming, with women of all ages and backgrounds coming along to enjoy each other’s company.

“Join us for a cuppa and some of the most inspired connections and conversations you’ll ever have,” says Jennifer. 

Connections CoffeeNChats has been designed to inspire women from all walks of life to connect both locally and beyond, both online and offline through CoffeeNChats.

The associated  Facebook group – Connections – Real Women with Real Stories also offers support to women.

Jennifer says women will often go through many transitions in their life, sometimes becoming stuck or isolated both physically and emotionally.

“Connections CoffeeNChats is a great place to start the journey to reclaiming your life and future”.

For further details, join the Facebook Group or contact Jennifer Ironside by phone on 0447 444 482.

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