Call to recreate moments in time

Photography Chief Steward Gary Moloney would like to see photos recreating moments from the last 125 years.
Photography Chief Steward Gary Moloney would like to see photos recreating moments from the last 125 years.

Local photographers are being called to recreate moments in time from the last 125 years as the Beaudesert Show prepares to make its comeback.

The 125th Beaudesert Show take 3 will be on 2-3 September 2022 after it had to be cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Photography Chief Steward Gary Moloney is among show volunteers who cannot wait to get back to delivering an exciting schedule of events.

He is running a special 125th anniversary competition, dubbed ‘Moment in Time’ to celebrate the milestone.

Using appropriate props and costumes, entrants can recreate a scene from a time as far back as the 1890s but preferably no more recent than the 1970s.

Entries must be in full colour and entered in the normal categories as a recreated ‘moment in time’ to be judged for the $50 bonus prize.

Mr Moloney encouraged photographers to get creative and have some fun.

“It can be anything at all – it doesn’t even have to represent an actual scene from the past. All it’s got to be is to look as if it were from the past,” he said.

“It can be a picture of somebody dressed up from the 1920s and posing with a Model A Ford or something, or even dressed up as though it’s the 1890s and sitting on a horse and buggy, but not too many people can arrange that.

“Even if they just make up some costumes and dress up from any period, but there wouldn’t be much point in it being any later than about 1970 – that would be too modern.”

Mt Moloney said he was expecting plenty of entries after the two-year hiatus.

“I think people will have saved up their pictures and we should get more than usual,” he said.

Entry forms must be lodged by 19 August at

Exhibits should be submitted to the steward between 10am and 1pm 30 August at the Beaudesert Showgrounds and judging will take place on 1 September.

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