$23.94 million for key infrastructure projects

Spring Creek Bridge. Image supplied.

A total of $23.94 million has been allocated to improving roads, bridges, footpaths and drainage across the Scenic Rim from a total of $34.754 million of capital expenditure in Council’s 2023-2024 Budget.

Capital expenditure of $13.045 million on roads will include $4.8 million to commence the first stage of works at Veresdale Road to improve drainage and widen and strengthen the road in line with the culvert crossing on Mount Lindesay Highway.

Works scheduled for Kerry Road, to complete works near the recently installed Spring Creek Bridge, have been allocated $1.05 million.

Mayor Greg Christensen said Council’s continuing investment in the region’s 1800-kilometre local road network reflected community expectations.

“Our network of roads and bridges not only connects our communities but also plays a key role in driving our regional economy,” he said.

More than $9.74 million will be invested in bridges across the Scenic Rim in 2023-2024.

Council has allocated $1.13 million in its 2023-2024 Budget to maintaining and rehabilitating more than 60 timber bridges to ensure they continue to meet required standards of safety and serviceability.

“The renewal of our bridges will be welcomed, not only by Scenic Rim residents but also the growing number of visitors to our region who are vital to our local economy,” Mayor Christensen said.

Improvements to the Scenic Rim’s drainage network, which includes 243 major culverts and 263 floodways, have been allocated capital funding of $370,000 in 2023-2024.

Beaudesert revitalisation continues

The revitalisation of Beaudesert will also continue with further works to commence in August 2023.

The historic Beaudesert railway station building will be a centrepiece for the project, remaining in its original location and providing a point of reference for the new structures.

Improvements to the underground stormwater network on Short Street are also due to commence in August 2023.

“This will better protect the town centre from future flooding, creating confidence for residents and existing business operators as well as those planning to invest in Beaudesert,” Mayor Christensen said.

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