When we get it wrong

Robb Blake

Robb Blake picked up a geographical error in the ‘Clicked by Katie’ column in the last edition of the Beaudesert Bulletin.

The mountain photographed by Katie O’Brien was actually Mount Lindesay, not Mount Barney, although after Robb posted the error on Beauy Whispers Facebook page there were a few other suggestions as to what it might be – including Mount Everest (yes it was a joke).

Although we do our best, we know we don’t always get it right, and we were happy to give Robb a gift voucher for The Club, Beaudesert for picking up the error – it was that or issue a public apology to Mount Barney, which seemed difficult.

Of course we are also happy to provide Robb with a free paper for the rest of the year (and beyond)!

Robb said he wasn’t sure whether to post the article questioning which mountain it was and tried to do it in a nice way, but the response was a lot more intense than he expected!

He was delighted to receive the gift voucher which he said made a good early birthday present!

Beaudesert Bulletin Editor, Keer Moriarty thanked Robb for picking up the error and said not every person who picks up an error will receive a gift voucher!

“We do try not to make mistakes but at the end of the day we are only human.”

“I am hopeless when it comes to geography and unfortunately wouldn’t recognise the landmark mountains in our region.”

“Occasionally something slips through and we were happy to be told that we had made a mistake.”

“If you pick up a mistake in our paper, tell us! If you see something you like, tell our advertisers! – that way we can keep making your local news, locally!”

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