What a Storm!

Photo: Dylan Biggs proved too good for opponent Dan Hill. Image Supplied.

Beaudesert boxer Dylan Biggs overcame undefeated fighter Dan Hill to take the Australian Super Welterweight Title on 8 July at Southport Sharks.

Biggs, known as the Beaudesert Storm, proved too good for Hill in a brutal eight round match.

Hill, who was defending the Super Welterweight Title, was defeated with a technical knockout.

Biggs fought in front of a supportive crowd, with a huge group of his Beaudesert supporters on site at Southport Sharks to cheer him on.

What’s next for Biggs?

After winning his most prestigious title to date, boxer Dylan Biggs is considering his options.

Biggs’ Trainer, Justin O’Leary, said the new Australian Superwelterweigh Champion will recommence training this week after a short break to recooperate from the title match.

“A lot of boxers take a month off after a big fight, but Dylan likes to keep training,” said O’Leary.

“He won’t spar for a month to have time to recover.”

The Superwelterweight title gives Biggs greater options for fights and opponents.

“This is his biggest title so far and is more prestigious than the belts he has won previously.”

“With this title he now has something people really want.”

O’Leary said he will will confer with Biggs and his Manager, Brendan Smith to consider their options, with the next fight likely to be in September or October this year.

“The support of his local sponsors has been important, it has enabled Dylan to be a full time boxer and achieve at this level.”

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