There’s still time to nominate

Electoral promotion
Electoral promotion

THERE is still time for Queenslanders to nominate for the 2024 local government elections.

Almost 200 candidates have nominated for the positions of mayor and councillor in Queensland’s 77 local government areas, since nominations opened on Monday January 29.

Electoral Commissioner Pat Vidgen said that it’s pleasing to see so many people interested in representing their local communities and emphasised that there is still plenty of time to nominate.

“We have heard some reports that nominations for the elections have already closed, but this is not correct,” he said.

“Prospective candidates have until noon on Tuesday February 13 to nominate, and while that date is fast approaching, there is sufficient time for people to undertake all the necessary steps.

“However, I encourage anyone interested in standing for election to get their nominations in as soon as possible before the nomination deadline.”

Details of candidates who have nominated are added to the ECQ website as they are processed and finalised.

Prospective candidates can head to the ECQ website where they will find details about the tasks they need to complete to nominate for the elections. These include:

completing a mandatory online training course

ensuring they are enrolled in the division or ward they plan to contest

they have had at least six people enrolled within the same ward or district sign their nomination form

paying a nomination deposit of $250 to the ECQ by cash, EFT or bank cheque before nominations close

letting the ECQ know the details of the bank account they will be using for their campaign

disclosing things like political memberships or if they have any existing contractual relationships or planning applications before council (this includes their close associates)

making sure they are disclosing any money they spend on, or receive for,  their election.

The Queensland local government elections will be held on Saturday March 16, 2024.

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