For a minimal outlay pawpaw are very productive and yield quickly.
Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own: Pawpaw

Why don’t more of us grow our own pawpaw?   We had a wonderful crop of red pawpaw here this year.  We find that they are producing good quality and quantity within two years of […]

This avocado tree is seven years old
Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own: Avocados

We have six avocado trees here at Tullamore Farm and we are having a bumper crop this year. People are sometimes a little reluctant to grow them because they can get quite large and they can […]

Now is the time for winter crops such as brassicas.
Grow Your Own

Grown Your Own

Summer is over and we are now planting out all our winter crops – potatoes, onions and garlic plus all the brassicas.  We grow such a wide variety of fruit and vegetables that I spend […]