Shrek the Musical – Review

Cast of Shrek, the Musical EL
Cast of Shrek, the Musical. Photo by Emily Livingston.

After many months of hard work and dedication, GTM Music Studios’ musical theatre group performed Shrek the musical as their end of year finale.

In Act One, Shrek is found by Donkey. They go on a quest to find Princess Fiona in order to get Shrek’s swamp back from the vertically challenged Lord Farquaad.

After the intermission, in act two, the trio of unlikely comrades make their way back to the kingdom of Duloc for Fiona’s imminent marriage. On the way, they go through a journey of self-discovery and realise that fairy tales should really be updated.

The cast ranged from seven to 18 years old, the respective performances evidently improved with age, a testament to both their talent and the teaching of GTM Music Studios.

Directed by Amy Alcorn, the entire cast performed extremely well; their talent in both vocal performances and acting was incredible.  The costumes and staging were also marvellous.

A special mention to Theresa Grace’s performance as the Dragon, her singing and stage presence was outstanding.

Additionally, Juliet Martens’ act as Pinocchio was full of humour and had the entire audience laughing.

All performers are students at GTM Music Studios, who offer vocal and instrumental lessons, as well as band and choir classes for all ages. Enrolments for 2024 start soon, for enquires, contact Kylie Moss as 0417 009 022 or visit their website

Cast Members:

Tegan Zveglic – Shrek

Nateisha Pocock – Donkey

Annabelle Johnson – Fiona/Witch/White Rabbit

Theresa Grace – Dragon/Fairytale Creature

Harry Johnson – Lord Farquaad/Guard

Emily Grace – Teen Fiona/Fairytale/Duloc Citizen

Juliet Martens – Pinocchio/Duloc Citizen

Atticus Martens – Three Little Pigs/Kid Shrek/Duloc Citizen

Nikita Barnes – Elf/Young Fiona

Alana Dean – Duloc Citizen

Jack Johnson – Duloc Citizen/Mad Hatter

Isabelle Daisy – Fairytale Creature/Duloc Citizen

Cast of Shrek the Musical with director Amy Alcorn(black dress).

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