Can the Pig and Calf Saleyards be saved?

Tom Sharp, Leanne Bartrim and Ray Edwards at the Beaudesert Pig and Calf Saleyards.
Tom Sharp, Leanne Bartrim and Ray Edwards at the Beaudesert Pig and Calf Saleyards.

Mayoral candidate Tom Sharp has requested a moratorium on any work on the Beaudesert Pig and Calf Saleyards until after the local government elections in March this year.

In an email to Scenic Rim Regional Council Chief Executive officer, David Keenan, Sharp described the handling of the Saleyards issue as terrible, saying there had been no community consultation, until recent consultation on the design of a picnic area on the site.

He described the events leading up to the Heritage listing of the site and Council’s subsequent appeal.

“It would generally be considered inconceivable for our people to resort to such measures. Unfortunately, this has become commonplace in this region over this council’s term, as evidenced by the shameful appointment of a state advisor.

“The Heritage listing was successful, but the council soon decided to appeal the decision at the cost of ratepayers as per the SRRC council meeting held on the 23rd of February 2021. Councillors were told the cost to ratepayers would be about $50,000.”

The cost of the appeal was later revealed to be over $250,000.

On Sunday 17 December approximately 40 people met at the saleyards to show their support for the site.

Speakers included Tom Sharp, Sue and Ian Harrison from Darlington whose family have been in the area for 150 years.

Most of the discussion was about the heritage and the loss of historic buildings around Beaudesert.

Sharp has released a campaign policy specifically for the Beaudesert Pig and Calf Saleyards, stating that the issue has created enormous division within the community.

Sharp’s policy promises to engage with the former lessee Hayes & Co, the people of Beaudesert and the Scenic Rim regarding a return to the operation of the Pig and Calf Saleyards.

He offers genuine open consultation, to ask the people what they want to happen to the saleyards with one option being the reinstatement of those saleyards.

“Should the people choose to reinstate the Beaudesert Pig and Calf Saleyards, then I will put it to the Council for analysis and propose to have the reinstatement remedied in time for the 150th Birthday Anniversary in a timely and efficient manner without further waste,” he said.

Taking the Beaudesert Pig and Calf Saleyards to the ‘next level’ as an agri-tourism attraction will also be evaluated as part of the policy.

Tom Sharp had not received a response to his email from Council at the time of print.

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