Rick Price charms home crowd

Rick Price (centre back) with GTM Music Studios' students who attended the performance and singing masterclass
Rick Price (centre back) with GTM Music Studios' students who attended the performance and singing masterclass

Beaudesert’s GTM Music Studios was filled with the talents of one of Beauy’s best exports when renowned singer songwriter Rick Price returned for a show in his hometown.

Rick, who has been living in Nashville, Tennessee since 2009, played to a sold-out crowd at GTM Studios on 19 June as part of his Soulville Tour.

He played songs from his new Soulville album and songs inspired by Beaudesert, and even shared the stage with local singer-songwriter Kylie Moss for a song.

At a performance and singing masterclass, he spoke from the heart about overcoming performance anxiety.

“The mind is like a beautiful dog – it wants to be directed. But if you don’t direct it, the dog’s not just going to sit there, it’s going to muck up. So that old saying, ‘I have a mind, but my mind doesn’t have me’ is a beauty,” he said.

“It’s amazing what the mind can do. When I talk about song writing, singing or performing, living in the present moment and just not letting that mind run you has changed the way I am in the world, and I’m a work in progress.”

He encouraged participants to have fun.

“Honestly, how many times do you walk around thinking about the things you’re afraid of happening and you’re already in that terrible event and it hasn’t even happened?” he said.

“Bear that in mind, give yourselves permission to be songwriters and creators, let it all hang out, let it rip… and just bring some joy into your performing and creative lives, because that’s what it’s all about. Having a good time.”

Tony Griffin, who together with Kylie Moss runs GTM Studios, said it was good to see a lot of GTM’s younger students at the masterclass, and that Rick’s knowledge and tips about song writing and overcoming performance anxiety were invaluable.

Rick Price (centre) with GTM Music Studios’ Kylie Moss and Tony Griffin

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